If you want to display art in your business, if your corporation invest in art or your company need a contemporary image, we can find for you the right collection, the right piece of art or the right artist to commission art pieces only for you.

If your company branch, lobby, boardroom or reception needs something nice and effective e-mail us at

We will help any place like airports, banks, hotels, restaurants, and public spaces to find the right art to adorn the interiors walls to be eye-catching, and evocative so can enhance your image and communicate your message in more compelling and innovative ways.

We provide:

  • Advice on existing collection of Street Art, Pop Surrealism, Comics Art.
  • Planning, budgeting and placement of new art purchases
  • Research for artwork that will work for the company i.e.: size, subject matter, price and/or genre.
  • We frame, deliver and install the artwork.
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