The Name "Prole" comes from the word "Proletariat" that features heavily in 1984. For Prole, printing and stencil work are much the same bedfellows, you make up an image with solid colours forced through an open mesh for printing and you do the same but using spraypaint and holes cut in card. "I'm a fully trained screen printer (large format, traditional hand, and textile). Art was always a part time hobby, until I lost my job at the end of 2008 due to the global down turn. The chance arose to do what I did and loved, full time". Prole has exhibited at many urban / graffiti art shows including the red museum Osaka and the bunkamura gallery in Tokyo, both in Japan in 2009. He now returns to the UK for "The Lock Up" off Oxford Circus, in London.

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Print. Limited edition of 100. Size:  38 x 56 cm. Signed and numbered by the art..
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