Miss Bugs

Miss Bugs is an art partnership between a boy and a girl who spray and stick their art onto neglected walls in London. They also produce stunning limited edition prints, each hand finished by Miss Bugs with a wide range of materials including gold leaf, ink, aerosol and even magazine cuttings. Miss Bugs prints include dark and humorous themes, they use iconic symbols as a source of inspiration, with imagery such as Bugs Bunny, He-Man, Wonder Woman or King Kong re-mixed to represent a personal idea or cultural stance. The male half of the duo was born in Bristol in 1979 and he is the creative force. The female half has the role of muse and lookout. Miss Bugs draws inspiration from television, cartoons, news events, celebrities and religion.

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Elements Of Everyone
SOLD Screen Print. Limited edition of 30. Size:  94 x 71 cm. Signed and numb..
Nothing New Retold
SOLD OUT Screen Print. Limited edition of 25. Size:  62 x 41 cm. Signed and ..
Wonderful Angel of Death
Screen Print. Limited edition of 30. Signed and numbered by the artist. The piece is ..
SOLD OUT Screen Print. Limited edition of 40. Size:  65 x 85 cm. Signed and ..
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