Born in an isolated village outside of Tel Aviv, Israel, US based artist Kukula was exposed to Holocust survivors at an early age. Coupled with a young girl’s fantasies about princesses and fairytales, KuKula’s work draws from this strange dichotomy of historical horrors and the fantastical worlds of a child’s imagination. After receiving her degree in illustration from Vital-Shenkar in 2003, Kukula moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she is currently based. She has worked with many international galleries. Kukula’s paintings center on feminine, doll-like figures, often surrounded by objects with sometimes clear, sometimes obscure symbolic meaning. The work registers the influences of both classical European art forms and contemporary pop culture. In her figures’ poses Kukula recalls classical portraiture, yet the style is manifestly modern and pop-influenced. Fashioned in a contemporary wardrobe that references high end labels Chanel, Miu Miu and Chloe.

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Print. Limited edition of 50. Size:  36 x 69 cm. Signed and numbered by the arti..
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